Project Description

This project is to develop an interation planning tool for agile project management.

What's new?

Release: 1.0.0, run in Visual Studio integrated mode. See how to use for details.

What is Agile Planner?

This tool is for agile project teams, who currently are using sticky notes on the wall. With this tool stories, backlog and iterations are managed in a graphic designer, saved as files within visual studio projects and can be exported to images, reports and etc.

Main features are
  • Stories can be drag and dropped between backlog and iterations
  • Iteration's capacity calculated automatically base on stories within it
  • Stories are rendered base on customizable status or priority color schema
  • Diagram can be exported to PNG image for printing, documentation and sharing
Here are examples.

Stories rendered based on status

Stories rendered base on priority

How to use it?

See how to use

What is development roadmap?

See above images. They are for this project.

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